Friday, July 30, 2010

Stamina and core muscle strength and their connection with cardio

Now days everybody talks of the benefits of core muscle strength and exercises to strengthen them. What is the core muscle? How do we strengthen it? 

The word core means the base or the foundation. They are the muscle base which is the building block for healthy and strong muscle structure. It is a known fact that athletes and sports men who are into high cardio based sports have well developed core muscles. Why is it so?

It is the intensive training that goes into these sports specially in the area of cardio vascular exercises. The core muscles are the muscles that build on and strengthen with increase in levels of endurance. To improve the endurance levels one needs to stretch the body to its limits and every few days push the limit a bit further as one's fitness levels improve. This is also referred as stamina. The common mistake made by people working out is that they keep sipping on water through their workout. A hydrated body can give a better workout and even workout longer but a constantly hydrated body retards stamina build up and core muscle build up as these two can be improved only with increase in endurance. Many even have the wrong notion or belief that excessive cardio -  vascular workout is harmful for the joints specially the knees etc. This is true only and only if one follows or performs any exercise wrongly. Most exercises are designed keeping the body kinesiology in mind so if any exercise is executed the way it is supposed to there can never be any chance of injury ever. 

Stamina building is very essential it is the main aspect that improves ones skill in any sport or martial art. The better stamina one has the more they can train, the more one trains the better fitness levels they can achieve. 

So put on your running shoes and go for a jog, sweat, sweat and sweat even if you feel tired today as tomorrow once you have reached the top of the mountain it will seem just like a small hill.

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