Monday, July 12, 2010

Self - defense against a gun put to the head

I hope our videos are easily understood but I would like to once again specify that do practice them under the watchful eye of an instructor and please do not try it at home or on the street if you are not trained.
Today we will show a situation where you are entering your vehicle and an attacker threatens you with a gun to the back of your head.
First and most important let your attacker believe that you are complying with what he wants that will ease him down. If you agitate instantly out of sheer nervousness or fear the attacker may squeeze the trigger of the gun.
Slowly take your hands up. This will ease the attacker then with a swift twist lock the gun weilding wrist of the attacker between your left and right palm. This will cause his wrist to lock there by releasing his grip on the gun. Grab the gun with your right hand and at the same moment strike with the knife edge (shuto) of your left palm straight into the ribcage of the assailant. The strike will cause the attacker pain as well as distance him from you. 

However in my personal opinion if you are not well trained and are not an expert at unarmed combat it is wise to comply completely with the attacker unless you feel that retaliating is the only option you have left. 

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