Friday, June 4, 2010

Defense against over head knife attack

 I have always strived to make movements and combination's as realistic and practically feasible as possible. Most of us being right handed the chances are always high to be attacked by the right hand of the attacker, that does not mean we don't train for an attack from the left hand. Lets look at how to defend oneself from a overhead knife attack. Please note do not try this without supervision of a qualified instructor

Lets say we are attacked by a knife in the right hand of the attacker.
Fast movement is always vital in a good defense. So move out to your left side blocking the right forearm of the attacker with your right hand. Moving out of the range of attack is always safer in case your attempt to block is foiled. Once blocked catch the knife wielding right hand of the attacker. With the left hand give a powerful Ura Tsugi ( inverted half punch) to the rib section of the attacker. Then hold the back of his collar (near the spine) with your left hand. As you hold the collar strike with your left foot to the side of the attackers right knee. The foot should be struck with the sole area. This will bring down the attacker and causing him excruciating pain specially in his right knee and leg. Allowing you to walk away peacefully and unharmed. This is a simple and effective technique where in just 3 moves including the block we have our armed assailant immobilized and on the floor. Those who are not regularly training in martial arts may not be able to comprehend the technique easily, I request such readers to not try this with friends or if attacked on the road unless you have trained under a qualified instructor as half knowledge is very dangerous for both partners.   

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