Monday, June 7, 2010

Defense against circular punch/ jab or slap

I hope you all are able to comprehend the techniques and am sure the videos are of great help to understand better.
Today we will look at defense against a circular punch / jab or slap. Always remember to train only under supervision of a qualified instructor. Those who are not regular martial arts practitioners should avoid trying the techniques as you may injure yourself.

Lets say you are being attacked by a circular punch to your face with the right hand of the attacker. Move sideways into your attacker with your right foot. This gives you a good chance to block and yet be safe from the attack. Once you have moved in strike with your right palm (knife edge or Shuto) onto the forearm of the hand which is punching you. While you strike hold the punching hand with your left hand. The strike on the forearm will shake up the attacker. After striking the arm move your right hand sideways which will result in your elbow striking the attackers ribcage area. After striking the ribcage move out from below your attackers arm which you are holding. Catch the right wrist of the attacker with your right hand while your left palm pushes hard onto the elbow joint of the attackers arm. Keep practicing it again and again and again. Happy training.

We will be regularly updating videos of self defense techniques and their explanations and also videos on training sessions.

Kindly use caution while training as the idea is to learn and not injure your partner practicing with you. 

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