Thursday, May 27, 2010

What is Self - defense ?

Being a martial artist am often asked by  people that  how soon can they learn self - defense. For many self - defense is just learning some techniques or points on the body. Many feel they can fight like Bruce Lee in just a month or even lesser. Well they are WRONG.
So what exactly is self -defense?
The ability to defend or protect oneself at the moment we are attacked is called self - defense. In order to defend oneself we need to train our reflexes. The movements, techniques, combination's need to be practiced many many times. When repetitive practice is done the movements get set into our reflex. Once the movements are set into the reflex then when we are attacked our hands and legs move out of reflex so we don't need to think and waste valuable time. This process is slow and the time taking for setting the movements into our reflex varies from individual to individual. For a person who is pretty fit and is into any kind of sport it will be faster. To be pretty good with say a medium level of self defense ability it would take a person minimum 6 - 8 months of regular training. Self - defense does not only depend on reflexes it also needs a person to be alert, confident, fast, use common sense and keep the mind empty. A combination of all these factors will enable perfect defending ability. Lets look at each of the other factors in brief. One has to be ALERT - if you are attacked and you are not alert or aware of the attack there are good chances that you will succumb to injury and may not be able retaliate back. 
CONFIDENT- Most robbers, thief's and so on that may attack you while you are on the road do not expect you to attack back. They use fear psychosis to their advantage shattering us. With due course of training our confidence levels increase enabling us to be calm and composed. 
FAST - Element of surprise is always an added advantage. Most attackers don't expect you to reciprocate, so the slightest movement to attack him instantly could not only shock the attacker but he may run away too.
COMMON SENSE  - This is something which is generally very uncommon. Many with little training feel they can fight with 20 people like it is done in movies. No matter how well trained you are the best option is always to avoid a fight on the road unless that is your only option. It is very foolish for a person with little training to try and fight with a robber holding a knife when you don't have lots of money etc on you. 
EMPTY MIND - While we are on the road we are constantly keeping our mind occupied with thoughts of tasks to complete or fixing our schedule for the day and so on. Well if our mind is busy with this then how can it perceive an attacker moving towards us. Making us less alert, taking us by surprise thus slowing our reaction to the attack. 
So a well balanced combination of all these factors enable us to defend ourselves. Don't fall prey to people promising you with the ability to defend yourself in short courses like say a week or month. Yes in the stipulated time of the course you may learn all the techniques and combination's but on the road the instructor wont come to show you the technique nor will you have time to think. Most street fights last for a few seconds, it is these seconds that decide whether you become a victim or you foil the attack and counter attack. To be able to respond without having to think is why the training needs time. In my opinion the time is well spent for in the worst case scenario your training will decide whether you get away unhurt or get seriously injured. So please don't reject a trainer or instructor who tells you he cant give you a fast course of self - defense.   

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