Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Camp 2010

We had a very amazing time at our summer training camp or Gashuku this summer. It is always a joy and pleasure to be with all of the Jukaado family. Am sure all of you from the Gashuku (camp) will agree to that. We had our training for five days close to a forest area far away from the pollution and noise of the city. Our daily routine or training sessions begin at 5am. After a good warm -up and some walking we go out for a good jog along the forests path. It was nice to see that the students have improved on their fitness levels. Daily we would jog about 15km. The second training session starts after breakfast at around 10:30am in this session training would focus on various aspects like makiwara (traditional punching and striking posts and bags), katas (set combination of basic movements in a sequence) , Kihon (basics), Kihon - ido (basic movements in motion), Kakie (pushing hands exercise) and Hojo undo (supplementary training). Then we would take a break for lunch and some rest till 5pm. During this break the highly energetic younger Gekusai's (students) would go about swimming or playing basketball, carrom, throw ball and so on while the others would just take a nap or read. At 5pm the training sessions would focus on grappling movements, Ukemi (break falls and rolls) , kote Waza (wrist locking techniques), Shime Waza (choke holds), Nage Waza (throwing techniques), Kansetsu Waza (Arm breaking techniques), Conditioning, kumite and self defense techniques. This session would continue till 8:30pm after which we would break for the day and after our dinner we would go to bed after an hour or so. This is just a brief of the daily training regime at the camp. We also had a midnight session on Sanchin Kata one of the days for the seniors only. Many first timers to the Gashuku seem to have been inspired and we all hope they train hard and wisely till they become Sensei's (teacher) someday. The training was hard and being as one big family it was fun too. Some have lost weight the others have decided to be fitter the next camp. We all have learnt a lot it is always a pleasure to be with people with the same liking or wavelength. Let us all make an effort to train better and lets hope we have more numbers of participants at the Gashuku every year.

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