Thursday, December 1, 2016

Jukaado's circle of Love

Jukaado is a close knit family of martial artists. Always there for each other. This workout we have called as Jukaado's circle of Love.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Transitions and their importance in martial arts for realistic Self Defense

Many may not be aware but in reality all traditional martial arts that were designed for war or self protection were well rounded and inclusive of everything. For example - Karate is not restricted to only kicks, punches and strikes but also has a fair number of throws like in Judo, various locks and chokes like in Aikido and so on. Sadly these traditional ways have been watered down over the last decade or so. More emphasis is given to make martial arts a sport event which is causing the dilution of old school or traditional training. Focusing on what is needed to excel at competitions and eliminating what helps with a real street fight.

When one prepares for battle one needs to approach training in a very holistic or well rounded manner, covering every facet or probability.  For in battle or on the road there is no point system nor a referee. A realistic self defense situation is like the Spartans use to say - A spartan either returns with his shield or on it. You get a few seconds to get the best chance at immobilizing the attacker and walking away safely. One needs to prepare for these situations. Day in and out you train in realistic scenarios. You program the body to respond with different combinations such that over time it becomes your reflex.

Transition literally means the change from one movement to another. However here I don't only imply the change from one movement to another but also from one kind or type of movement to a completely different type. Example - moving from a kick, block, punch or strike to a throw or a joint lock and vice versa. These transitions have multiple benefits. The most important benefit is it surprises the attacker and he or she can never access or predict if you would strike or throw or lock. This confusion can give you an added advantage. Combinations of different techniques further increases your arsenal of attacks. It makes you a more versatile warrior. In a street fight you may be cramped up in a corner with limited place. Having a variety o transitions in your arsenal enables you to defend with virtually no place to move. It also can help you make some space for you or reverse the situation for your attacker. Regularly practicing such transitions will improve your hand and leg co - ordination as well improve the speed in your movements.   

The above video is just one of the simple transitions that our students were practicing at class. Where one transitions from an open hand stomach level block (kake Uke) to an one arm shoulder throw (Ippon Seoi Nage).

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hojo Undo

Hojo Undo or Supplementary exercises are a very important aspect of Okinawan Martial Arts. These exercises are aimed at strengthening the body.

There are numerous Hojo Undo exercises and variations. We have shown just a few in the video above. 

Hojo Undo exercises make the body tough and ready to sustain impacts as well as be ready to rough it out physically in a fight. They build a strong musculature as well as improve bone density. It improves the strength of the joints as well as makes the ligaments and tendons strong and resistant to impacts or injuries.

At Jukaado we give lots of importance on training that makes the students physically tough and strong as well as ready for any full contact impact that they may face if they need to defend themselves on the road. 

Do not try any of the exercises without proper supervision and guidance of someone who knows about these training routines. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

This is how we train at Jukaado

This is just some of the training routines we do during a regular class at Jukaado

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Situational Awareness

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Jukaado Winter Camp - 2015 - Morning Session.

This video is just a short footage of the numerous workouts done during the intense and exhaustive morning training session at camp.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Jukaado Surya Namaskar

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jukaado International Training Camp - April 2015

We had great pleasure in organizing our international training camp for our students at Bangkok, Thailand. It was nice to see the students progressing well under the training of Sensei Sravan Kumar ( Instructor for India).

The students trained in Jukaado as well as in Muay Thai. The Muay Thai training was imparted by Kru Jitti. Kru Jitti is a wonderful human being and a very experienced and knowledgeable Muay Thai fighter and trainer. It was a pleasure to train at his gym with  all the other fighters.

The senior students were also imparted training in Yawara jutsu. 

Overall it was a splendid experience for all and we hope to have many more international camps all over the world.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How to make your own circuit without any equipment.

We do not need anything to train except for our desire to train. 

Decide to take the leap and train like you depend on it, just like breathing.

We are always here to guide and help anyone.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How to punch without injuring the fingers, knuckles and wrist.

Always train under a qualified instructor who is well adept with the training you are looking for. Not everyone can train you for unarmed combat as nowadays many train only in sports martial arts. We train the way martial arts was meant to be. 

A wise master once said - I can not punch and expect it not to hurt because that itself changes the meaning of a punch. If I punch my aim is to drop my attacker to the ground and not play with him.